Wall-mounted body and eyes shower - body shower with start trigger and self-cleaning shower head, eyes shower with two spray heads, bowl and start lever


  • for use in chemical, mining industry, hospitals, laboratories
  • wall mounted body shower with self cleaning head and compacteyewash shower and bowl
  • used as first aid if eyes impacted by accidents caused by fire, chemical or other dangerous substances
Užsakymo numeris 82235
Kodas SLSN 23Z

Komplektą sudaro

SLSN 23Z - supply No. 82235 - wall mounted body and eye shower, coated by chemically resistant varnish, fixing included

Techninė informacija

Rate of flow: Eye shower - 26 l/min @ 1 bar (integrated flow regulator), Body shower - 60 l/min @ 1 bar
Water inlet: 1" female
Water outlet: 1" female
Total height: 1500 mm
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